Al Gore, Still a Smartypants

In this week’s cover story, Newsweek‘s Sharon Begley seems to think Al Gore’s new book is good–but he’s still too wonky: To anyone with bad memories of how Gore’s fact-filled debate performances against George W. Bush in 2000 failed to connect with voters, it may come as no surprise that Our Choice has a graphic on “how a wind turbine works,” and a long section that begins: “Conventional hydrothermal plants are built according to one of three different designs. The steam can be taken directly through the turbine and then recondensed….” A wind turbine GRAPHIC! In a book about green […]


False Balance Alive & Well in Environmental Coverage

Jonathan Hiskes of Grist–who recently exposed “The NYT‘s Favorite ‘Climate Change Denier’”–has now (5/13/09) caught Fox News giving airtime to Marc Morano’s charge of Al Gore “profiting off global warming campaign” : Say you’re a harried cable news producer with 24 gaping hours to fill with finished material every day of the week. Say you’re constantly in need of articulate guests to offer a diversity of viewpoints. How do you do it? One way is to take up offers like this one from the PR folks representing Marc Morano. Refresher: Morano was formerly an aid to climate-change-denier-in-chief James Inhofe (GOP […]


George Will: Bringing You Climate Disinformation Since 1992

George Will’s history of misquoting data to distort the climate change debate goes back nearly two decades–that we know of. As Extra! reported in 2003, in 1992Will trashed Al Gore (Washington Post, 9/3/92) for being “cavalier with the truth” in his “wastebasket worthy” book Earth in the Balance. More from Extra!: Will confronted Gore on the issue of global warming: “Gore knows, or should know before pontificating, that a recent Gallup Poll of scientists concerned with global climate research shows that 53 percent do not believe warming has occurred, and another 30 percent are uncertain.” It was Will, however, who […]