Al Neuharth’s Front-Page Sexism


Seeing a photograph of USA Today founder Al Neuharth above the fold in the edition of his newspaper that reported his death calls to mind a rather famous story about Neuharth’s outburst at a 1983 USA Today editorial meeting.


McHistory: Fox Launched to Counter Nonexistent Leftism of MSNBC

The headline of Al Neuharth’s column in USA Today (7/15/11) summed up his case: “Murdoch Media Give You What You Want.” That sort of depends on who “you” is. Neuharth explains: Murdoch has an uncanny knack for figuring out what a sizable segment of readers and viewers want and giving it to them. Straight or slanted. His Fox News television network is as blatantly right-wing as Murdoch intended it to be when he started it in 1996 to counter the left-wing MSNBC. Oh, so that’s what explained the launch of Fox News Channel in October 1996–the rampant left-wing bias of […]


Al Neuharth and ‘What You Do for Children’

Rosamunda Neuharth-Ozgo

We’re not in the habit of linking to Accuracy In Media–and here’s an Extra! article that explains why–but I thought this piece, by the apparent though unacknowledged daughter of USA Today founder Al Neuharth, deserved an exception. Writing in response to a USA Today column by Neuharth (3/20/09) celebrating his six adopted children, Rosamunda Neuharth-Ozgo writes: My mother, Betty Moore, met Mr. Neuharth in St Paul, Minn., in 1962, at an Associated Press convention. At the time, he was a young editor with the Detroit Free Press and my mother was a Paris-based translator in town on business. I am […]