O’Reilly Brings You Stories Big Media Won’t Touch!


Bill O’Reilly wanted to make clear that the Factor brings viewers some perspectives missing from the bland, liberal newscasts. Let’s look at the episode where he made this claim to see what he might be talking about.


Bill O’Reilly’s Public Opinion Solution: Don’t Poll Union Members

You had to assume that there would be folks in the media who wouldn’t like the recent CBS/New York Times poll that found strong public support for public workers. Sixty percent of those polled oppose stripping public workers of collective bargaining rights; 56 percent opposed cutting pay or benefits of those workers in the name of deficit reduction. Fox‘s Bill O’Reilly has a solution to this problem: Union households shouldn’t be polled. As he explained last night (3/1/11) And the New York Times headline today reads “Majority in Poll Back Employees in Public Sector.” But the poll is misleading because […]


Fox’s Phony Debates

When Fox News Channel was developing Sean Hannity’s TV show, it was known as Hannity & Liberal To Be Determined. That liberal turned out to be Alan Colmes, who would eventually leave the gig after doing his part by playing the Washington Generals to Hannity’s Harlem Globetrotters. It hardly mattered who sat in the “left” chair–they were there to get roughed up by the home team. Until recently, professor Jane Hall was a regular guest on the O’Reilly Factor, debating conservative Bernie Goldberg. She’s left Fox, and as she explained to CNN‘s Howard Kurtz (10/25/09), she never considered herself a […]


O’Reilly: Fox’s Right-Wing Line-Up ‘Balanced’ by Former Host

Bill O’Reilly explainsthe diversity of viewpointsavailable on the Fox News Channel (2/27/09): The Fox News Channel features a variety of opinions. We parade in scores of guests each week with all kinds of views. Glenn Beck believes the nation is in crisis. Alan Colmes believes Obama could be the next FDR. Sean Hannity believes the Republican Party has the right formula. And I believe both parties need an overhaul. They need to start looking out for the folks. So you get a wide range of views, while our hard news people deliver solid facts. Huh. Three right-wingers and Alan Colmes–who […]


The Essential Colmesishness of Alan Colmes

Two things strike me about this appearance by Alan Colmes on the Colbert Report: One, the fact that he would take part with good humor in a humiliating joke that’s on him illustrates why he was the perfect person to play the role of the Liberal To Be Named Later. Second, it’s remarkable that even in the parts where he’s presumably expressing his own opinions–rather than the pre-scripted expressions of adulation handed to him by Colbert–he’s still manages, reflexively, to come up with the perfect Fox News Democrat position: He agrees with Colbert on the issue at hand, but produces […]


Hannity Without Colmes

The announcement that Alan Colmes is leaving Fox News Channel‘s Hannity & Colmes show, where he serves as co-host to Sean Hannity, raises the pressing question: Will anyone notice? Fox News executives have long represented the show as an evenhanded nightly debate. Yet a reviewer in Britain’s Sunday Business Post (8/24/03) perhaps summarized the peculiarity of this Fox-style “debate” best in noting that “the titleâ┚¬Ã‚¦Hannity & Colmes is something of a misnomer, because the other host–the timid, bespectacled liberal Alan Colmes–acts essentially as a sacrificial lamb and may as well not be there.” Colmes identifies himself (USA Today, 2/1/95) as […]