Reagan Didn’t Get Thatchered


When it comes to elite media and political circles, there’s no doubt that Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were treated the same way when they died: with gushing, uncritical celebration. They just wish the public could have been so univocal.


NYT Explains German Nuclear Irrationality

The New York Times‘ Alan Cowell had a piece (6/2/11) about public opposition to nuclear power in Germany, and the fact that the country’s political leadership has decided to establish policies that conform to that sentiment. It apparently left the Times a bit perplexed: But the German move also raised a question whose answer seemed elusive: What is there in this land of 82 million people that has, over decades, bred an aversion to nuclear energy that seems unrivaled among its economic peers, defying its reputation for reasoned debate? Cowell reveals that Germans overwhelmingly oppose nuclear power, especially after the […]