No, Putin Isn’t Following ‘Reagan Playbook’ in Ukraine–Thank God

Death squad victims, El Salvador (cc photo: John Hoagland)

When the Washington Post’s David Ignatius writes a column headlined “Putin Steals the CIA’s Playbook on Anti-Soviet Covert Operations,” is that supposed to be a criticism or a compliment?


Justifying Certain Acts of Violence

Fareed Zakaria (photo: Sebastian Derungs/World Economic Forum)

Today’s New York Times editorial (11/15/12) begins: No country should have to endure the rocket attacks that Israel has endured from militants in Gaza. The Times has questions about the wisdom of a ground invasion in Gaza–questions that mostly involve whether it would be wise from an Israeli point of view. Such an escalation would be “especially risky,” and might not be the “most effective way of advancing” Israel’s “long-term interests.” But from the start, the message is that this violence is, on some level justified. On CNN (11/14/12), Fareed Zakaria endorsed the Israeli attacks:  I think there is no […]