Remembering Alexander Cockburn

Alexander Cockburn with his niece Laura Flanders.

The July 27 CounterSpin noted the passing of one of media criticism’s greatest writers: FAIR was saddened to hear of the death of radical journalist Alexander Cockburn. He was one of the writers to whom FAIR is most indebted, inspiring a revival of hard-hitting political media criticism with the Press Clips column in the Village Voice, which he launched in 1973, and then with Beat the Devil in the Nation, starting in 1983. Part of his appeal was simply how well he wrote: He had a voice that could not be imitated–effortlessly stylish, boundlessly informed, savagely funny and unapologetically left. […]


News’ ‘Ignorant Drivel’ as ‘Toxic as Ever’

Writing for the Nation (1/7/09), Alexander Cockburn finds that in “the major media, aside from some passable stuff on the cable news shows, the flow of ignorant drivel seems as toxic as ever,” maybe worse, since Israel has tried to empty Gaza of all reporters. The Israelis wipe out whole families, phone apartment blocks to terrify the occupants with boasts that their homes will shortly be blown up, and the Israel claque here stresses the consummate humanity of the attackers. Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post celebrates the birth of the new year by extolling Israel for being “so scrupulous […]