NYT: The Center Is Right in France

Are “economic experts” really gratified by French President Francois Hollande’s economic policy ideas? The New York Times cites one, but it’s not hard to find other economists who offer a very different take.


NYT Reassures Afghans That the Troops They Want to Leave Are Going to Stay

The New York Times‘ Alissa Rubin (5/2/12) reports of President Barack Obama’s trip to Afghanistan: The trip communicated something of vital importance to the Afghans: reassurance that the United States is not in an all-out scramble to get away. It’s not clear what the basis for Rubin’s claim that “reassurance” that the U.S. is in no hurry to leave Afghanistan is “of vital importance” to Afghans. A poll taken in 2010 on behalf of the Washington Post, ABC, BBC and the German broadcaster ARD found that 55 percent of the Afghan public supported the rapid withdrawal of foreign troops (GlobalPost, […]


One Reporter’s Iraq War Lessons

On November 1, New York Times reporter Alissa Rubin has a look back at her experience as a war correspondent in Iraq. It’s mostly interesting, though when she gets to the part where she draws the big lessons, things turn for the worse: In my five years in Iraq, all that I wanted to believe in was gunned down. Sunnis and Shiites each committed horrific crimes, and the Kurds, whose modern-looking cities and Western ways seemed at first so familiar, turned out to be capable of their own brutality. The Americans, too, did their share of violence, and among the […]