Gingrich Refuses to Face the Fact That Voters Don’t Matter

From Amanda Terkel in the Huffington Post (2/1/12): Newt Gingrich Florida Primary Results 2012: The Candidate Who Refuses to Operate Within Reality …From the beginning to the end of Gingrich’s election night party, the campaign and its supporters seemed to be operating outside of realities, denying the importance of this large state’s primary contest and insisting that victory was going to be theirs as soon as voters opened their eyes and truly saw Florida winner Mitt Romney as a “Massachusetts moderate.” Gingrich, in fact, never even congratulated Romney on his win. I’m a fan of Terkel’s work, but this genre […]


Where Are the Workers’ Voices?

As best I can tell, the labor battle in Wisconsin is a big story–and maybe the biggest labor story in years. But as Amanda Terkel reported at the Huffington Post, that doesn’t mean you’re going to see union advocates on the Sunday chat shows. Terkel noted: A union official told the Huffington Post that when none of the Sunday shows’ producers reached out to them to book a labor representative this week, several unions started to pitch the shows with affected workers and local and national leaders who they felt could discuss the protests. The official said the response from […]


CNBC’s Jim Cramer Still on Air–Still Wrong

Amanda Terkel of Think Progress (6/18/09) has posted video and transcript of an MSNBC segment in which Joe Scarborough asked CNBC‘s Jim Cramer about “a stunning poll the New York Times has this morning suggesting that Americans are more concerned about deficits than stimulus”: Cramer claimed that Americans aren’t buying into healthcare reform right now because “it just means tax increases, and there’s got to be someone who pays for it.” According to Cramer, the solution that “everybody” wants is for Obama to “go away”: “But until we get the economy moving again, I think everybody wishes that Obama would […]


O’Reilly Airs the Results of His Stalking Expedition

Last night (3/23/08) Bill O’Reilly aired the results of his stalking expedition against Think Progress blogger Amanda Terkel, who had dared to question (3/1/09) the appropriateness of O’Reilly speaking at a fundraiser for a foundation for rape survivors in light of his suggestion (Radio Factor, 8/2/06) that a “moronic” rape/murder victim had invited assault by her drinking and the way she was dressed. In the segment, O’Reilly presents the controversy sparked by his speaking a dinner for the Alexa Foundation as a conspiracy masterminded by “elements at NBC News” led by NBC president Jeff Zucker, whom O’Reilly refers to with […]