Occupy Charlie Rose!

With the bad news we’ve been talking about on the public broadcasting front, it’s worth pointing out a bright spot: On Monday (10/24/11), Charlie Rose featured a discussion of Occupy Wall Street with Chris Hedges and Amy Goodman. Goodman made an important point about media coverage of the protests: CHARLIE ROSE: Does it have anything in common with the Tea Party? AMY GOODMAN: Well, it’s interesting you ask that. When the people gathered on September 16 and 17–what, 2000 people–hardly any coverage they got. If it was 2000 Tea Party activists who gathered on Wall Street, I would dare said […]


John Pilger’s ‘Historic Opportunity’ to Change Media

Independent investigative journalist John Pilger recently (7/6/09) gave Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman his view of the broad media landscape, informed by the fact that “we have many alternative sources of information now, not least of all your own program, though I wouldn’t call that alternative“: But for most people, the primary source of their information is the mainstream. It is mainly television. Even the Internet, for all its subversiveness, is still a very large component of the mainstream. And that means we’re getting still this singular message about wars, about the economy, about all those things that touch our lives. […]


On Corporate Journalism as ‘Popularity Contest’

The unlikely news source Voice of America (6/15/09) has Adam Phillips’ profile of Amy Goodman and “the largest public media collaboration in the United States,” Democracy Now!, in which Goodman lays out “her job as a journalist” as “to bring out ‘the voices of people closest to the story at the grassroots’”: In Goodman’s program, as well as in her column and the three bestselling books she has co-authored with her brother, David Goodman, she also accuses the mainstream media of dangerous laziness in its reliance on so-called “pundits.” “We need to bring out the voices of people who think […]


Media Unconcerned with Real Torturers Still at Gitmo

Amy Goodman recently interviewed independent journalist Jeremy Scahill on her Democracy Now! show (5/19/09) regarding the fact that, in Scahill’s words, “while much of the focus has been on the tactical use of torture at Guantanamo, almost no attention had been paid to a parallel force” known as the Immediate Reaction Force. Describing the methods of this “thug squad that is used to mercilessly punish prisoners”–“They go in, and they hogtie the prisoner… douse them with chemical agents…. They’ve squeezed their testicles…. They’ve taken the feces from one prisoner and smeared it in the face of another prisoner”–Scahill tells us […]


Pentagon Faces Reality Still Denied in MSM

The current Democracy Now! (5/8/09) features New York Times Pentagon Pundits reporter David Barstow giving Amy Goodman the background on the U.S. military’s retraction of a report clearing itself of domestic propaganda wrongdoing: So the report comes out in January, and it effectively exonerated the program. Now, one thing your viewers should know is that as soon as the stories ran, the program itself was suspended by the Pentagon, pending the outcome of this investigation. But what happened earlier this week was really unusual. It really is very rare for the inspector general of the Defense Department to rescind and […]


Secret to Journalistic Survival: Real Journalism!

Interviewing Progressive magazine editor Matt Rothschild on Democracy Now! (5/1/09), Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman get the now 100-year-old magazine’s high-minded take on the threatened existence of other periodicals: Rothschild: Well, the magazine industry is in crisis. The newspaper industry is in crisis. A lot of the news weeklies donâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢t know how to function right now; the idea that you have a Newsweek magazine right now, that’s antiquated. That’s a dinosaur. People get the news within minutes or hours; they donâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢t need to go find it a week later as to what happens. So the intellectual reason for being for […]


On the Rare Journalistic Habit of ‘Thinking Independently’

On the occasion of the first annual Izzy Awards from Jeff Cohen’s Park Center for Independent Media, the son of progressive journalism icon I.F. Stone, Jeremy Stone (Consortium News, 4/1/09), describes Stone’s most journalistically valuable quality–“his capacity for thinking independently”–along with its rewards and consequences: In the McCarthy era, because he spoke in defense of Jeffersonian principles, people were afraid to be seen with him. When he supported the rights of Palestinians, Jewish institutions would not invite him to speak. And when the National Press Club refused to serve his black guest lunch, he quit the club, isolating himself from […]


Greenwald and Goodman Earn New I.F. Stone Award

FAIR founder Jeff Cohen’s Park Center for Independent Media has decided to give its new Izzy Award (3/4/09) “for special achievement in independent media” to Glenn Greenwald and Amy Goodman, specifically lauding the “two pillars of independent journalism” for “pathbreaking journalistic courage and persistence in confronting conventional wisdom, official deception and controversial issues”: Week after week, in meticulously documented and detailed blog posts, [Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald] skewers hypocrisy, deception and revisionism on the part of the powers that be in government and the media…. With devastatingly crisp arguments, Greenwald has inveighed against torture and defended constitutional rights for all, whether […]


Who’s ‘More of an Advocate Than the Corporate Press’?

In a discussion with Jessica Newman of Campus Progress (2/17/09), Democracy Now!‘s Amy Goodman gives her motivations for entering journalism: “I just always saw it as a way to pursue issues of social justice, to hold those in power accountable, to really work hard to get at the truth.” When asked if she sees “a successful and profitable way to embrace multimedia…in a for-profit system, like the mainstream media,” Goodman makes an important distinction: “It depends on what you mean by a ‘for-profit system’”: For the profit of society, yes. I can only speak from my own experience with what […]