NYT Columnist’s Faulty Attack on Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Rage’

Elizabeth Warren (cc photo: New America Foundation)

New York Times columnist Andrew Ross Sorkin has earned a reputation over the years for being friendly with the Wall Street giants he covers. If you read his bizarre rant against Senator Elizabeth Warren, it’s not hard to see why.


FAIR TV: Gregory vs. Greenwald, Snowden Anonymity, Time’s Bush Nostalgia

What are David Gregory and Andrew Ross Sorkin really trying to say about Glenn Greenwald? Unnamed government officials are telling media outlets that Edward Snowden’s NSA whistleblowing is helping terrorists. Plus, Time’s Jon Meacham has some odd nostalgia for the Bush years.


NYT Buries Occupy Wall Street


The Paper of Record has spoken: We didn’t think much of Occupy before, and now what we think is that it’s over. The day before Occupy activists were gathering to mark the movement’s one-year anniversary, Times columnist Joe Nocera wrote (9/16/12): “For all intents and purposes, the Occupy movement is dead.” Before the collapse of Lehman Brothers, Nocera explains, there was complacency. It was easy to believe that housing prices could only go up and that we could always rely on debt to maintain our standard of living. We shrugged as manufacturing jobs disappeared–5.8 million just since 2000–and good middle-class […]


NYT Biz Writer Checks Out Occupy Wall Street–Based on CEO’s Worries

New York Times business writer Andrew Ross Sorkin has been criticized for being too chummy with the Wall Street tycoons he’s supposed to be covering. Today he has a piece in the Times (10/4/11) about Occupy Wall Street–which he’s decided to check out because it’s beginning to make some CEOs nervous: I had gone down to Zuccotti Park to see the activist movement firsthand after getting a call from the chief executive of a major bank last week, before nearly 700 people were arrested over the weekend during a demonstration on the Brooklyn Bridge. ‘Is this Occupy Wall Street thing […]


Sorkin Gets the Scoop Direct From His CEO Pal

There have been a lot of complaints about New York Times business reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin being too cozy with the Wall Street powers that he’s covering. Some of those critics are in-house; a New York magazine article went so far as to quote a Times staffer who (like several others at the paper) likened Sorkin to disgraced WMD reporter Judith Miller. Sorkin was on NBC‘s Meet the Press on Sunday, part of a roundtable discussion that followed an appearance by Republican Paul Ryan. And that’s where Sorkin said this: SORKIN: I got to tell you, I got an email […]


NYT’s Sorkin Hasn’t Heard of the People’s Budget

New York Times business reporter Andrew Ross Sorkin wrote a piece on Sunday (5/15/11) that tried to advance the argument that $250,000 actually isn’t that much money to make in a year. The complaint is that politicians who advocate raising tax rates on income above $250,000 have chosen an arbitrary dividing line–above it you’re rich, and you’ll be taxed accordingly. Articles like this are annoying for obvious reasons–we’re being asked to listen to wealthy people complain that they’re not that wealthy, once you factor in the private school tuition and a hefty mortgage. But they often mislead in other areas–especially […]