In Discussion of Mine Disaster Coverage, Only Imaginary Unions Allowed

Andrew Tyndall makes a good point about how the network newcasts covered the Upper Big Branch mining disaster (flagged by Liz Cox Barrettat CJR): Not once, in all five days of coverage, did a single reporter mention the organization that has worked hardest over the decades to make sure that mining management does not cut safety corners and that miners can monitor their own working conditions with impunity. The union went unmentioned, as did the fact that the Upper Big Branch workforce went unorganized. Rush Limbaugh, for his part, did mention the miners union–to bash the non-existent union at Massey […]


MSM Has ‘Personality Bias, Not a Liberal Bias’

Dirk Smillie’s Forbes interview (6/18/09) with veteran news analyst Andrew Tyndall includes the observation that “mainstream press–network newscasts in particular–have been criticized for overly favorable coverage of the Obama administration.” Tyndall takes the opportunity to make some important distinctions about this common allegation: There may be a personality bias, not a liberal bias. Since the inauguration, Obama has completely dominated the news agenda. He’s a ratings getter. Compare that with George W. Bush’s early days in the White House. There was very little news until September 11. It’s certainly true that there has been favoritism toward Obama, but only in […]