WashPost Wants More (Anti) Labor Coverage

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) organized protests in Maryland at the homes of several bank executives, along with follow-up rallies in Washington, D.C., at bank branches and offices. The events went largelyuncovered by the Washington Post, whichled Post ombud Andrew Alexander(5/29/10) to wonder why the paper missed a major labor story that was covered by Mother Jones (5/16/10) andthe Nation (5/20/10), among others. The story has been getting a lot of attention from right-wing activists, though, whoarearguing that aprotest outside a banker’s homeis anoutrageous infringement on someone’s private life. A more important point is whether the Post is paying […]


Immune-From-Criticismism at the Washington Post

In his evaluation of the Dan Froomkin firing, Washington Post ombud Andy Alexander (6/26/09) confidently asserts that “first, it’s not about ideology,” then later asserts that Froomkin “was urged not to do media criticism.” Clearly, though, the notion that the Post should not be subjected to criticism is a central tenet of the paper’s ideology. Alexander quoted with a straight face Post columnist Gene Weingarten questioning whether Froomkin “was as informed and qualified to opine as people who had been actively covering the White House for years.” Alexander did not point out that Weingarten writes a humor column, which might […]