Fox Commentators Guarding Bias Henhouse

In a 2001 study, FAIR found that in its regular one-on-one interviews, Fox News‘ flagship news show Special Report With Brit Hume favored Republican guests over Democrats by a greater than 8-to-1 ratio. After the FAIR report, Hume told the New York Times (7/2/01) that if the data warranted, he would rectify the bias: “If it is a reasonable question, and we find that there is some imbalance, then weâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢ll correct it.” A 2002 follow-up study (Extra!, 7-8/02) showed some improvement–a mere 3-to-2 bias in favor of GOP over Democratic guests–but by 2004, FAIR showed, the ratio had crept back […]