It’s GOOD That Romney Has No Principles

We’ve been seeing a lot of this sort of thing lately–this time from Elizabeth Wurtzel on TheAtlantic.com (1/9/12): All the reasons Romney is disliked are all the reasons he would be an excellent president. Let’s start by recognizing that principled politicians are highly overrated–consider Jimmy Carter as Exhibit A. Despite our pretensions to pretension, we are not a country that loves ideology–we’re not, heaven forbid, France–so much as we are a can-do people that, after all, last elected a yes-we-can president. We like what works, not what it says in The Communist Manifesto, which reads like a guidebook for a […]


Washington Post: Campaign Journalism or Campaign Advertising?

The Washington Post launched a series of Republican presidential candidate profiles on Sunday (12/11/11). First up was Mitt Romney, and right away you sense there’s something a little off here. Here’s the headline and subhead: The Problem Solver Mitt Romney doesn’t want to talk about feeling voters’ pain. He just wants to get to work relieving it. Reporter Ann Gerhart’s piece begins: The mind of Mitt Romney is a supremely rational place. The article is full of quotes from Romney supporters, alongside nods of approval from the reporter: He is a man with a prodigious intellect who has been married […]