Iraq and Your Gas Tank


When it comes to US foreign policy and warmaking in the Middle East, you’re not supposed to talk about oil. But the network newscasts went out of their way to let you know that Iraq was making your next trip to the gas station more expensive.


CBS, Cliff Jumping and Your Family’s Tax Burden

CBS reporter Anna Werner

The notion, coming from CBS reporter Anna Werner, that come January 1 an average family will be stuck with a bill for $3,500 is misleading–a deception in some sense borrowed from the faulty “cliff” analogy in the first place.


No Fracking Way, CBS Evening News

The February 23 CBS Evening News segment on hydraulic fracturing gas drilling, better known as fracking, revealed how journalists can cover a highly controversial subject by removing the controversy. The report started off with references to high gasoline prices; the implication, then, is that domestic gas drilling will help solve that problem. As anchor Scott Pelley kicked things off: President after president has called for energy independence for America, but somehow it never seems to happen. But Anna Werner talked to an oil man today who is predicting that it’s coming, and in just a few years. That oil man […]