The ‘Politically Divisive’ Minimum Wage


It’s important to step back and figure out what “divisive” means here. Republicans and corporate interests are opposed to this idea, but the American people say they overwhelmingly support the concept of paying people at the bottom of the wage scale more.


What if Paul Ryan Isn’t Really a Wonk? Krugman vs. Campaign Reporters

If you know anything of substance about Paul Ryan, it’s that the Republican vice presidential pick knows his numbers. A Washington Post profile today by Michael Leahy (8/20/12) tells us: He got his start on Capitol Hill as a 19-year-old intern working in the mailroom of Sen. Bob Kasten (R-Wis.). That led in time to positions on congressional committees and habits he hasn’t broken since, including a staffer’s zeal for voracious research, for charts and PowerPoint presentations, and a facility for budget numbers that he recites with a savant’s glee. As if that weren’t clear enough, we’re told later that […]


Getting Iran Sanctions Wrong

Much of the media analysis of Iran at the moment dwells on the punitive economic sanctions targeting Iran’s economy. An additional round of more restrictive sanctions took effect at the beginning of this month, drawing renewed attention from the press. The clear message from that media coverage is this: If Iran were to come clean about its nuclear program, they could get relief from the sanctions that are starting to wreak serious havoc on the country’s economy. That is one of the primary assumptions in the coverage of the Iran crisis. But is it correct? Mostly not. Here’s the New […]