PBS ‘Expert’ Speaks for Both Sides, but Advocates ‘Excessive Force’ Against One Side

Anthony Cordesman on NewsHour

The NewsHour invited Anthony Cordesman to consider possible policy options for “both sides” in the Israel/Gaza conflict. The problem is that Cordesman is on the record as advocating the option of brutality against Palestinian civilians.


General Hails His Own Success, USA Today Investigation Finds

For a good example of how not to report the Afghan War, check out the lead story in today’s USA Today (2/15/11): General: Taliban ‘Beaten’ by Surge Momentum Shifts in Afghanistan The piece–by Jim Michaels, who has an unfortunate history of this kind of reporting–is mostly sourced to Richard Mills, the Marine general who’s in charge of the fight in Afghanistan’s Helmand province. Unsurprisingly, he thinks he’s doing a bang-up job; Michaels’ story begins: Coalition forces in Afghanistan have beaten the insurgency in an important stronghold of Taliban fighters, though pockets of resistance remain, a U.S. commander said Monday in […]