Richard Cohen: OWS Isn’t Anti-Semitic–Just Clueless, Repugnant

Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen (10/24/11), tipped off by at least one of his Post colleagues, decided to pay a visit to Liberty Plaza to see the festival of anti-Semitism firsthand. Lo and behold, he found none: Reckless Jew that I am, I muscled my way into the Occupy Wall Street encampment in Lower Manhattan despite multiple reports of virulent and conceivably lethal anti-Semitism. Projecting an unvarnished Semitism, I circled the place, encountering nothing and no one to suggest bigotry–not a sign, not a book and not even the guy who some weeks ago held up a placard with the […]


Glenn Beck’s Jewish Problem

Last Wednesday (Glenn Beck Program, 11/10/10), we got a glimpse of how low Glenn Beck will go to smear a political opponent. Beck’s lie that philanthropist George Soros helped “send the Jews to the death camps” during World War II, was, in essence, an attack on a Jewish child for the heartbreaking things he was put through in the course of surviving the Holocaust. But the smear was just part of the anti-Soros crusade Beck is carrying out on his national radio program and his Fox News show, portraying Soros as an “puppet master” who operates behind the scenes to […]


Kathleen Parker’s ‘Mainstream’ Isn’t About the Ballet Shoes

“Elena Kagan Is Miles Away From Mainstream America” is the headline on Kathleen Parker‘s Washington Post column this morning (5/12/10). What exactly does that mean? Well, on first blush, it seems to have to do with where she’s from: “Coincidentally, she shares the same home town as the other two women on the court. Assuming Kagan is confirmed, all three women will hail from New York.” And why does this matter? “Spending one’s formative years walking past the infamously crime-riddled Murder Hotel en route to school, as Kagan did–and, say, walking past the First Baptist Church to ballet class–are not […]


The ‘Progressive’ Multicultural Anti-Semitism of KPFK

The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Report (Fall/09) is calling attention to Pacifica Radio network member station KPFK for airing the Spanish-English show La Causa‘s “naked anti-Semitism.” According to the SPLC, the weekly program’s hosts, Augustin Cebada and Rafael Tlaloc, “are more than just passive enablers of anti-Semitic rhetoric: They actively promote conspiracy theories about Jewish control of media and world governments, referring to Ponzi scheme crook Bernie Madoff as “that Jewish scam artist.” Tlaloc said he felt no sympathy for Madoff’s victims, many of whom were Jewish, because they were “shylocks and shysters.”… La Causa is tightly linked to […]


AP Reports ‘Breached Basic Journalistic Principles’

In his latest “Dispatch from the Bolivarian Revolution”, blogger Eric Wingerter (BoRev.net, 7/18/09) asks, “Man oh man, how bad does AP reporting have to get before a group of Latin American studies professors from top U.S. universities decides they need to take out a FULL-PAGE AD in the Columbia Journalism Review to respond?” His answer is “Bad bad”–as illustrated in the ad’s text: The Associated Press has breached basic journalistic principles with these false reports: [Hugo] Chavez initially suggested the synagogue attack might have been carried out by Jews eager to portray his government as anti-Semitic. –AP February 8, 2009 […]


On ‘Disingenuous’ Reports of Antisemitic Chavismo

Robin Varghese’s 3 Quarks Daily link (6/30/09) to a Boston Review piece purporting that, “over the past four years, Venezuela has witnessed alarming signs of state-directed antisemitism, including a 2005 Christmas declaration by President Hugo Chavez himself,” has engendered some homespun media criticism from a commenter logged-in as “Pepito,” who argues that “this canard about Chavez and Chavismo being anti-Semitic has been debunked several times in the past, but it comes backs very often.” In response to the excerpt’s lead example of “15 heavily armed men” who attacked a Caracas synagogue, “held down two guards, robbed the premises, and desecrated […]


Billy Graham Gets Cleaned Up by CBS

Blogger Jonathan Schwarz (A Tiny Revolution, 6/24/09) has noted that when “CBS ran a story about the latest batch of Nixon tapes made public… they included a section of a February 21, 1973 conversation with Billy Graham that showed Nixon at his psycho best,” addressing anti-Semitism thus: “This has happened to the Jews, happened in Spain, it happened in Germany, it’s happening, and now it’s gonna happen in America if these people don’t start behaving. It may be they have a death wish.” But the real problem comes in CBS‘s quote of the Graham response: “Well, they’ve always been through […]


On the Depths of Rupert Murdoch’s ‘Crass’ Roots

Taking down “Michael Wolff’s fat masterpiece of sycophancy about Rupert Murdoch, The Man Who Owns the News,” Murdoch Archipelago co-author Bruce Page (CounterPunch, 5/15/09) counters Wolff’s “astigmatic lens of gossip” with “a true outline” of Fox/Wall Street Journal mogul Murdoch’s roots: Rupert’s father, Sir Keith, founded the dynasty during World War I as a dirty-tricks minion for “Billy” Hughes, probably Australia’s nastiest prime minister. His cover myth as a heroic war reporter has been so thoroughly dismantled that now it impresses none but family retainers and–of course–Mr. Wolff. At Versailles, Keith was Billy’s ever-present aide in striving to make the […]