O’Reilly Demands Respect for the Pagan Goddess Eostre

If you call it a "spring egg," you'll hear from O'Reilly. (Photo by -sel)

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, claiming victory in the “War on Christmas,” declares that the new battle is the “War on Easter.” In Bill O’Reilly’s conspiracy theory, Barack Obama’s election has emboldened “Secular Progressives” to ban the Easter Bunny because he stands in the way of jailing people who “criticize minorities.”


Smearing Gore Vidal, Then and Now

Gore Vidal for Congress

–A 1977 New York Times review (4/20/77) by Christopher Lehmann-Haupt of a collection of Vidal’s essays: So we are left to speculate over the psychological implications here, and to conclude that Mr. Vidal’s animus toward everything from West Point to the American Establishment–not to speak of academicians, who are, after all, instructors–boils down to an unresolved hostility toward his father, further evidence of which, some would argue, is Mr. Vidal’s cheerfully admitted homosexuality. –A New York Times piece by Sam Tanenhaus (8/2/12): Mr. Vidal, whose disdain for American vulgarity was tinged, some said, with antisemitism and dislike of the “lower […]


NYT and the Julian Assange Smear Campaign

WikiLeaks‘ Julian Assange believes people are out to smear him and his organization. That much seems clear. Today the New York Times‘ Ravi Somaiya writes a piece that would seem to confirm those suspicions. The headline today: Assange Complains of Jewish Smear Campaign The issue here is what an editor at the British magazine Private Eye says Assange told him–that there is, in the Times‘ words, “a Jewish-led conspiracy to smear his organization.” There’s no way for the Times to verify this information, as Glenn Greenwald points out at Salon. So why the definitive-sounding headline? And the background to Assange’s […]