Bill O’Reilly Lies–but Some Lies Matter More Than Others

O'Reilly: "The Crusades? I was there."

When Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly said that NBC’s Brian Williams “had to go” because he manufactured stories about dangers he faced in his reporting career, it should come as no surprise to find out that O’Reilly can be found doing the exact same thing.


Zakaria’s Fantastic Economic Advice

Wall Street Journal map of Latin America

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria– with an assist from the Wall Street Journal–divided Latin American economies into winners and losers. But does it all add up?


‘Searing Memories of Defaults’–and Selective Memory at the New York Times

Argentina real GDP

It’s true that Mexico’s default on its debts in 1982 was followed by years of hard times. But Argentine and Russian memories of default are far less “searing”


WaPo: Greece, Don’t Be an Argentina!

Washington Post correspondent Juan Forero has a piece today (11/4/11) that attempts to compare the Greek economic crisis with other similar debt crises, particularly in Latin America. Unfortunately, he draws some misleading conclusions. Forero’s point is that there’s a lot about Greece’s problems that are reminiscent of troubles in Argentina and Uruguay just a few years ago. One country chose the right response, and the other is called Argentina: In a story that may provide a lesson for Europe, one country, Uruguay, that was on the edge of financial oblivion organized a fast, orderly and negotiated response that revived the […]