Mother’s Health News, Brought to You by Carcinogenic Baby Shampoo

Arianna Huffington had an announcement (1/19/12) about a new section in her Huffington Post: I’m delighted to announce the launch of Global Motherhood, a new section within HuffPost Impact dedicated to the health and well being of mothers and babies around the world, and sponsored by Johnson & Johnson. It goes without saying that it’s a bad idea in general to have a corporation in the health industry sponsoring health coverage; the potential for conflict of interest is obvious. But given that these kinds of special sections are typically created to meet an advertiser’s need–an impression strengthened by the fact […]


Factually Challenged Reporter Cheers Factchecking

I tuned into C-SPAN on Friday night and caught part of a panel discussion hosted by Arianna Huffington. One of the panelists was Weekly Standard reporter Stephen Hayes, who is perhaps best known for advancing the bogus theory that Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda were in cahoots. And oddly enough, the discussion turned to misleading political advertising, and the efforts to factcheck such political lying–an effort that Hayes cheered: HUFFINGTON: What else can the media do, Steve? HAYES: I think one of the upsides to the proliferation of information sources is that you can go to places and find out whether […]


PBS Ombud on NewsHour’s Tea Party

PBS ombud Michael Getler, inspired at least in part by this post on FAIR Blog, addressed Dick Armey’s recent appearance on the PBS NewsHour in his September 17 column. Getler wrote that the Armey segment, which was paired with a later interview with Arianna Huffington, “didn’t work,”since the guests seemed to havevery different agendas. The pairing wound up as a “big public relations win for Armey as mostly a platform for his views, while Huffington’s main point was that ‘the solutions are beyond left and right’ and spent as much or more time bashing the Obama administration, aside from noting […]


Dana Milbank and the Church of Obama

The Washington Post‘s Dana Milbank (12/6/09) thinks there’s something wrong with left-wing critics of Barack Obama.As his lead put it: Some parishioners in the Church of Obama discovered last week that their spiritual leader is a false prophet. Milbank startswith Michael Moore, who wrote an open letter urging Obama not to escalate the Afghanistan war.This makes no sense to Milbank, since Obama never said he’d withdraw troops.Well, yes. I suspect many of Obama’s critics–maybeeven Michael Moore–are aware of that.Moore also supports single-payer healthcare, and wishes Obama would too. Does that mean that continuing that advocacy with Obama in the White […]


When Reporters Are Present, Yet ‘Fail to Bear Witness’

Arianna Huffington’s latest column (Huffington Post, 7/13/09) presents a compelling portrayal of the power of new democratic media–versus the self-preserving corporate model of news gathering–in the Chinese government response to major riots last week: “It choked off the Internet and mobile phone service, blocked Twitter and Fanfou (its Chinese equivalent), deleted updates and videos from social networking sites, and scrubbed search engines of links to coverage of the unrest.” But here’s the rub: “At the same time, it invited foreign journalists to take a tour of the area”: That’s right, it slammed the door in the face of new media–and […]


L.A. Times: Transforming Reform into ‘Reform’

Arianna Huffington (Huffington Post, 5/25/09) is offering, as “a particularly egregious example” of corporate media as “enabler of the transformation of real reform into D.C. ‘reform,’” a May 23 L.A. Times editorial she thinks “might as well have been written by industry lobbyists (the way many ‘reform’ bills are).” After her initial reaction to the subhead, “Stung by the excesses of the financial services industry, Congress is striking back”–“Actually, it wasn’t Congress that was ‘stung’ by those ‘excesses’–it was the entire world. And why is regulation of out-of-control markets ‘striking back’?”–Huffington warns us that “it gets worse”: “Rather than trusting […]