Breaking News: Ben Affleck Is a Famous Movie Star


There’s a lot going on in the world. So why did NBC Nightly News devote a four-minute segment to a movie star?


Covering Africa Through Celebrities, Exhibit Eleventy Million

NBC reporter Ann Curry’s fawning interview with actor Ben Affleck (NBC Nightly News, 5/19/10), about his celebrity activist work in the Congo, is downright embarrassing: CURRY: Why do you pick the place that people think is actually one of the worst places in terms of the number of atrocities, in terms of the level of suffering, one of the worst places on Earth? AFFLECK: I really do see tremendous hopefulness. I’m really moved by the power of folks to find solutions to their own problems. The Congolese sense of kind of strength and self-sufficiency and resilience. CURRY: And he’s seen […]