New York Turns to the Left? Let’s Ask Our Center-Right Panel


If the question of whether or not there is a resurgent left, shouldn’t there be some left? ABC gave viewers the far-right Bill Kristol and the conservative Ana Navarro, a few middle-of-the-road journalists and a moderate former Democratic governor.


Politico’s ‘Obama to Destroy Romney’ Piece Is, Well, ‘Weird’

There’s a lot of chatter–and presumably more to come–about this Politico story today (8/9/11): Obama Plan: Destroy Romney By Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin August 9, 2011 04:29 AM EDT Barack Obama’s aides and advisers are preparing to center the president’s reelection campaign on a ferocious personal assault on Mitt Romney’s character and business background, a strategy grounded in the early-stage expectation that the former Massachusetts governor is the likely GOP nominee. It’s a safe bet that the Obama campaign, being a political campaign, will engage in some pretty rough stuff. But this piece makes it sound like something terrible […]


How to Spread Misinformation

The Drudge Report (9/16/09) is featuring this headline (in scary red type): Obama Admin: Cap And Trade Could Cost Families $1,761 A Year… The link goes to a CBSNews.com post, which declares: A previously unreleased analysis prepared by the U.S. Department of Treasury says the total in new taxes would be between $100 billion to $200 billion a year. At the upper end of the administration’s estimate, the cost per American household would be an extra $1,761 a year. Well,there’s one problem: $1,700 is the upper estimate. The second, far more importantproblem: This was an analysis based on a plan […]


Rule of Law vs. ‘Blind Support’ for Israel in Media

Responding to “both Likud Party members in Israel as well as their Americans supporters” who “complain that the Obama administration is unduly ‘interfering’ in Israeli politics”–as exemplified by Ben Smith of Politico reporting that “the administration’s escalating pressure on Israel to freeze all growth of its settlements on Palestinian land has begun to stir concern among Israel’s numerous allies”–Salon‘s Glenn Greenwald (6/3/09, ad-viewing required) likens the situation to “teenagers who tell their parents that they are not compelled to comply with parental dictates” and are told that “as long as they seek financial support, then the parents have the right […]