O’Reilly’s Amnesia on Right-Wing Terror


While defending Rep. Peter King’s (R.-N.Y.) congressional hearings on domestic Muslim extremism, Bill O’Reilly (3/9/11) scoffed at the notion that the biggest domestic terror threats in the U.S. come from the “radical right” and not from homegrown Muslims. After playing a clip of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Mark Potok making that argument, O’Reilly responded: Are you kidding me? The radical right? The last terror act assigned to them was the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995. In reality, acts of political violence connected to the far right are a regular occurrence. To make his claim, O’Reilly even had to overlook […]


The Erratic Bernard Goldberg True to Form on Reliable Sources

Howard Kurtz had Bernard Goldberg on his Reliable Sources show (CNN, 2/22/09), weeks after the erratic right-wing media critic blew off his show. You could have had a better conversation about pro-Obama media bias with the drunk on the next barstool. For example, when Kurtz says: I think sometimes you’re selective in your evidence. For example, you write about Deborah Howell; she’s the former ombudsman at my newspaper, the Washington Post. You say, “She waited until after the election to write about the tilt on the Post op-ed page toward Barack Obama.” But–and she did, but on August 3, Deborah […]