‘Silencing and Excluding’ Insistent Single-Payer Voices

“With the corporate media relentlessly distorting the public discussion around healthcare reform,” Black Agenda Report managing editor Bruce Dixon (7/29/09) has enumerated his “Top 10 Ways to Tell Your President & His Party Aren’t Fighting for Healthcare For Everybody,” including: The president and his party, and the corporate media, have spent more time and energy silencing and excluding the advocates of single-payer healthcare, mostly the president’s own supporters, than they have fighting Blue Dogs and Republicans. But no matter how diligently the spokespeople for single payer are excluded from media coverage and invitations to Obama’s policy forums and round tables, […]


The Undervalued Legacy of Ida B. Wells

Paying homage to “perhaps the first journalist to speak out on the racist and sexist implications of lynching,” Black Agenda Report‘s Sikivu Hutchinson (3/11/09) says that the “relative obscurity” of Ida B. Wells doesn’t reflect well on the present day: Despite her challenges to the American criminal justice system, her long record of publication at home and abroad, and her influence on Frederick Douglass and W.E.B. DuBois (both of whom were ambivalent if not threatened by her single-mindedness), Wellsâ┚¬Ã¢”ž¢ legacy remains undervalued. Eclipsed by the cult of charismatic masculinity that privileged the contributions of male leaders like Douglas and DuBois, […]