NY Post Steals From, Refuses to Credit Bloggers

In looking at “all the angst over online appropriation of newspapers’ work,” Nieman Foundation blogger Zachary M. Seward (Nieman Journalism Lab, 9/4/09) thinks that “information actually flows in all directions, right?” As “blog posts inspire newspaper articles, newspapers lift from other newspapers, and radio stations do the rip-and-read,” Seward writes that “when a blogger uncovered a major zoning violation in her Brooklyn neighborhood last month, it was only natural that the New York Post would pick up the story”: But credit the blogger? That would be a violation of policy. The Post prohibits crediting blogs and other competitors for scoops, […]


NYT Public Editor ‘Circles the Wagons’ Against Public

Posting to the Columbia Journalism Review‘s Behind the News blog, Megan Garber (5/26/09) catches New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt espousing “a peculiar brand of institutional defensiveness” in his May 23 column: One that plays itself out via divisiveness–and via, in particular, a false dichotomy that aggrandizes Times reporters and dismisses those who are not. In particular, those nagging, nattering bloggers. (Outsiders! Pouncers! Rougher-uppers!) And he does so right in his lede: There are those “within” the Times, “trying to protect the paper’s integrity”â┚¬Ã‚¦and then there are those “outside” it, “ready to pounce on transgressions by Times journalists.” Garber […]