The Future of Africa, Brought to You by Bono and Bob Geldof

Canada’s Globe and Mail decided to do a special issue on Africa this Monday, and who better to guest edit than Bono and Bob Geldof? There’s a piece about their day at the paper that’s truly absurd. Here’s the section on “Opinion Pages”: They move back to the meeting table to discuss more content for the paper. Bono asks for a cup of tea, with a drop of milk. Geldof takes his coffee black. Comment Editor Natasha Hassan goes over options for opinion pieces to run in Monday’s paper. Christy Turlington has written a piece on maternal health, drawing from […]


The NYT, Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Editor & Publisher reports that the musings of Bono will begin appearing on the New York Times opinion pages this Sunday–the latest episode in a long media tradition of choosing Western celebrities to address issues concerning Africa, one of Bono’s pet projects. Given Bono’s record of cozying up to Western leaders on issues like debt relief and trade rather than confronting and challenging them, the Times will not just get Bono’s star power, it’ll also get to increased the real estate given to highlighting the downtrodden of the world without actually rocking the boat too much.