Botching the Prisoners ‘Returning to the Battlefield’ Story


In their Bowe Bergdahl coverage, some media outlets are stoking fears about freed Guantanamo prisoners ‘returning to the battlefield.’


Is John Kiriakou a Whistleblower?


The Obama administration has pursued an unprecedented campaign to prosecute whistleblowers. The fact that John Kirikaou is facing such punishment reinforces the sense that he should be viewed as such a whistleblower, someone who was trying to expose the CIA’s torture practices. But was that really his motivation?


With Source Suspended, Will Media Retract ‘Kidnapping Capital’ Story?

One of the big problems with recentcoverage of immigration was the portrayal of the state of Arizona as a remarkably violent place due to the flood of unauthorized immigrants.It was a stew of misinformation, and one of the most prevalent claims was that Phoenix was The Kidnapping Capital of the Country (and No. 2 inthe entire world). That story always looked a little shaky, as this ThinkProgress review pointed out (7/9/10). Now it looks like there could be more problems. A brief item in the New York Times today (3/4/11) reported that Phoenix’s public safety managerwas suspended while an audit […]


NYT, ABC and Waterboarding: An Update

We noted recently that a New York Times story about the waterboarding of two Al-Qaeda detainees included a bit of media criticism. The Times mentioned that in 2007, ABC featured an interview with former CIA officer John Kiriakou, who claimed that “Abu Zubaydah had undergone waterboarding for only 35 seconds before agreeing to tell everything he knew.” This would be hard to square with what we now know–that Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times. The Times pushed the story further on today’s front page, with Brian Stelter putting the focus squarely on that 2007 ABC report and the effect it had […]


ABC’s 2007 Pro-Waterboarding Propaganda

Today the New York Times is reporting that waterboarding was used far more often than we have been told–almost 300 times on two prisoners, including Abu Zubaydah.This stands in rather stark contrast to what we heard about the instant, positive effects of waterboarding–as the Times notes: A former CIA officer, John Kiriakou, told ABC News and other news media organizations in 2007 that Abu Zubaydah had undergone waterboarding for only 35 seconds before agreeing to tell everything he knew. Of course, someone who relented in “35 seconds” would not need to be waterboarded 83 times. And as been several accounts […]