CNN Host: Climate Change Is Undeniable, So Here’s a Denier


A CNN host explains that debating climate change is a bad thing. What came next? A debate over climate change.


Famous War Correspondent Explains Why He’s Still Wrong on Iraq

John Burns interviewed on CNN

Perhaps one of the millions of people who anticipated that the Iraq War would be costly and deadly would have been “the best person to ask” about the current crisis in Iraq.


Bradley Manning’s Name Is Chelsea Manning


Chelsea Manning’s announcement that she identifies as female and would prefer to be referred to that way seemed to befuddle many in the media, with some outlets apparently unclear about how to identify her.


Is John Kiriakou a Whistleblower?


The Obama administration has pursued an unprecedented campaign to prosecute whistleblowers. The fact that John Kirikaou is facing such punishment reinforces the sense that he should be viewed as such a whistleblower, someone who was trying to expose the CIA’s torture practices. But was that really his motivation?


NYT Finds Fox News Whistleblower!

Brian Stelter reports in the New York Times that Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are renewing their contracts…meaning that we’ll be enjoying–and paying for–their talents through the 2016 election season. Not many people around Fox wanted to speak on the record about the new deals, but Stelter granted anonymity to one Fox insider who was more than willing to spill the beans: A colleague of Mr. O’Reilly’s, speaking on the condition of anonymity because Fox had not given permission to speak on the record, said he seemed as engaged as ever, despite having had the job for 16 years. “He […]


More on CNN’s Tea Party

The New York Times reported today (9/13/11) on the controversy, citing FAIR: But the CNN debate on Monday was the first event hosted jointly by a major news organization and a Tea Party group. And their partnership left some questioning whether the network had gone too far in reaching for centrist credibility. “Is there really a need for another national cable news channel devoted to promoting far-right elements within the Republican Party?” the liberal media watchdog group FAIR said Monday in an e-mail alert to its members in which it labeled the Tea Party “a controversial political group.” Jeremy Peters […]


Dropping Fox: A Thought Experiment

Brian Stelter has a piece today (10/20/10) in the New York Times explaining the latest in the fight between Cablevision and NewsCorp. NewsCorp wants the cable company to pay them more money–a lot more–for airing Fox‘s broadcast signal (and a few, smaller cable channels).The two sides couldn’t reach a deal, and as of Saturday, Cablevision customers in the New York area weren’t able to watch Fox. NewsCorp upped the ante, as Stelter reports, byblocking Cablevision customers from accessing Fox shows on the popular streaming video site Hulu. While thatmaneuver didn’t last long, it did represent a pretty clear example of […]


What George Seldes Would Say About George Shultz Documentary

New York Times blogger Brian Stelter (7/20/10) reports on the controversy over the PBS documentary on George Shultz that was funded by Shultz’s friends and associates. Stelter quotes the producer of the show’s response to the criticism, along with FAIR’s rejoinder: The series’ producer, David deVries, said in a statement to Mr. Getler that “throughout the almost three years it took me to create the series, I was completely unaware of who the funders were.” (In response, FAIR said Tuesday that the producer needn’t be aware of the funders’ identities because the company behind the series, Free to Choose Media, […]


Owners ‘Call the Tune’ in Reported MSNBC-Fox Truce

Former TV Newser Brian Stelter’s article (New York Times, 8/7/09) about MSNBC and Fox News having “resumed their long-running feud this week after the New York Times reported that their parent companies, General Electric and the News Corporation, had struck a deal to stop each other’s televised personal attacks” states that “the deal extends beyond the prime-time hour that Mr. Olbermann and Mr. O’Reilly occupy,” reporting that “employees of daytime programs on MSNBC were specifically told by executives not to mention Fox hosts in segments critical of conservative media figures, according to two staff members.” While GE‘s official line is […]


NYT, ABC and Waterboarding: An Update

We noted recently that a New York Times story about the waterboarding of two Al-Qaeda detainees included a bit of media criticism. The Times mentioned that in 2007, ABC featured an interview with former CIA officer John Kiriakou, who claimed that “Abu Zubaydah had undergone waterboarding for only 35 seconds before agreeing to tell everything he knew.” This would be hard to square with what we now know–that Zubaydah was waterboarded 83 times. The Times pushed the story further on today’s front page, with Brian Stelter putting the focus squarely on that 2007 ABC report and the effect it had […]