Steve Emerson Gets It Wrong–Again

steve emerson

Why was the “Saudi national,” a young man who was injured at the Boston Marathon bombing, considered a suspect? Enter “terrorism expert” Steve Emerson, who continues to make the media rounds despite a checkered history.


Factually Challenged Reporter Cheers Factchecking

I tuned into C-SPAN on Friday night and caught part of a panel discussion hosted by Arianna Huffington. One of the panelists was Weekly Standard reporter Stephen Hayes, who is perhaps best known for advancing the bogus theory that Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda were in cahoots. And oddly enough, the discussion turned to misleading political advertising, and the efforts to factcheck such political lying–an effort that Hayes cheered: HUFFINGTON: What else can the media do, Steve? HAYES: I think one of the upsides to the proliferation of information sources is that you can go to places and find out whether […]


Political Prosecutions Bumped by Death, Sex

Addressing Bush-era Department of Justice investigations, David Swanson (6/26/09) is asking OpEd News readers the provocative question, “Did you know the United States has in recent years prosecuted hundreds of people for political reasons?” This is a crime, or rather a crime wave, that has thus far been addressed primarily by ignoring it. You can read a lot about it from bloggers like Larisa Alexandrovna or Scott Horton. But you won’t hear the president mention it on TV. In an attempt to convince the corporate media that this issue ranked right up there with governors’ sex lives and celebrities’ deaths, […]