Weather From Another Planet: Wildfires and Climate Change


Extreme drought, extreme heat and extremely devastating wildfires in Southern California are big news for TV journalists. But don’t mention climate change.


Millionaires Are–or Perhaps Aren’t–Leaving California


The early headline on a New York Times story (2/7/13) by Adam Nagourney was, “Millionaires Consider Leaving California Over Taxes.” At some point they changed the headline, probably because there’s nothing in the article that would support it. But the problems with the piece remain. The story it’s trying to tell is about a new tax increase on income over $1 million. Combined with federal/state taxes, the tax bill can really start to add up for the super wealthy–an “unpleasant surprise for the rich.” I feel as bad for them as you do, no doubt. The point of the article, […]


California Health Reform, Minus Single-Payer

The Wall Street Journal‘s Gerald Seib wrote a piece today (5/20/09–subscription required) that offers California as a model for understanding the difficulties in overhauling the healthcare system: California’s experience, in fact, represented a kind of trial run for the healthcare overhaul the president and Congress are about to attempt on the national level, offering useful lessons as well as warning signs about the potholes ahead. Well, yes and no. Seib writes that the “California example showed the importance of securing at least some bipartisan support, the need to reassure those who have insurance as well as those who don’t, and […]