Real Journalism Still Exists — Outside of ABC

While within the power-friendly environs of the corporate-funded Newseum, congressmembers John D. Rockefeller IV, Tim Pawlenty and Mary L. Landrieu probably felt pretty good about their ability to field such softballs from ABC‘s George Stephanopoulos as “What’s the problem with the public health option?” But upon leaving corporate TV’s criticism-free zone, where such lies as Rockefeller’s statement that “Medicare is gonna start going broke in 2017, which is like the day after tomorrow,” pass completely unchallenged, they each were questioned by real-life journalist Sam Husseini of (9/15/09). Compare the treatment described above with Husseini’s calm but determined questioning of […]


Halperin and Kurtz Invent a Double Standard

On CNN‘s Reliable Sources (10/19/08), host Howard Kurtz and Time magazine’s Mark Halperin had the following exchange: KURTZ: Mark Halperin, we learned this morning that Barack Obama in the month of September raised $150 million…. If a Republican had not taken public financing and had raised all that money, and the Democrat was struggling financially, wouldn’t we see a lot of stories about one candidate essentially trying to buy the election? HALPERIN: We would. We’d also see a lot of stories about his going back on his word saying that he would accept the public money and would reach out […]