What Union Voices Mean to the Wisconsin Debate

As we noted here, there weren’t many labor voices booked on the Sunday morning chat shows. One, actually–Richard Trumka from the AFL-CIO. ABC’s This Week featured four governors (two Democrats, two Republicans) talking about their fiscal problems. CBS‘s Face the Nation had a soft interview with New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie. Host Bob Schieffer asked him one question that began, “You have a reputation as a straight talker, I think….” Schieffer went on to play a clip of Christie bravely calling for Social Security cuts. Instead of questioning Christie’s totally inaccurate premise–that you “have to raise the retirement age”–Schieffer […]


Chris Christie’s Not Telling the Truth–Ugly or Otherwise

New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie is the object of intense devotion among some on the right (Glenn Beck in particular). No surprise, then, that he’d get a lot of attention for going to Washington and delivering a stern lecture about how to fix the deficit. And no surprise that he’d talk about Social Security. It has nothing to do with the deficit, but that’s another matter. Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank was on hand to cheer on Christie’s message (2/16/11). Christie pokes fun at his weight, which apparently makes his truth-telling even more appealing: But his physique also works […]


Greedy Public Workers and Fat Pensions? Try Again

There’s been a spate of reporting and commentary attacking public workers for having lavish pensions that are bankrupting various states. CBS‘s 60 Minutes got into the act in December with a report (12/19/10) that was criticized for lionizing Republican New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (obviously this came before his snow troubles) for his attacks on public workers (particularly school teachers). The New York Times featured an article by Michael Powell on January 2 headlined “Public Workers Face Outrage as Budget Crises Grow.” The piece focused primarily on these pension plans, some of which “dangle perilously close to bankruptcy.” The article […]


At Meet the Press, It’s Heads GOP Wins, Tails Democrats Lose

Meet the Press announced that its show this Sunday will feature two conservative Republican guests, Sen. Jim DeMint (S.C.) and Gov. Chris Christie (N.J.). Well, that’s only natural, because the GOP did so well on Tuesday, winning back the House…. Right? Oh wait…. Here’s Meet the Press‘s then-host Tim Russert on November 12, 2006: Our issues this Sunday: The voters send a loud and clear message to the White House, and give the Democrats control of the House and the Senate for the first time in 12 years. What now for the Republicans? We’ll ask a man who is positioned […]