This Just In: US Ruled by the Rich

The Western Brothers, by John Singleton Copley

The same well-heeled elites and their representatives who dominate US politics and policy are also grossly over-represented among the owners of US corporate media.


A Wedding Was Bombed–Don’t Worry, It Was by the US, Not in the US


What seemed to be a US drone strike hit a wedding convoy in Yemen, killing over a dozen people. What kind of coverage does an event like that get on US television?


Drone Strike Testimony: Not News?


In a moment when media are fixated on terrorism and the possibility that some people might be motivated to carry out acts of violence against the United States in part because of the effects of U.S. wars, a Yemeni writer’s account of the effects of drone strikes on his village would be well worth covering.


Yes, You Can Talk About Climate Change on TV


FAIR’s new alert takes aim at the Sunday morning chat shows (Meet the Press, This Week, Face the Nation and Fox News Sunday) for ignoring climate change this weekend– right after “superstorm” Sandy devastated the East Coast. As we noted, NBC host David Gregory said early on his program: “Should more attention be paid to a changing climate’s impact on the severity of these storms?” That was the last mention of climate change on the show. I know a lot of people might say, “Well, with the election around the corner, politics shows have to stick to electoral politics.” I […]


On Chris Hayes and Heroism

It is a very good thing that the Nation‘s Chris Hayes has a weekend show on MSNBC. The panelists are smart and the lively conversations dig deeper than virtually anything else on cable news. (The same can be said for MSNBC‘s Melissa Harris-Perry.) In other words, sounds like a recipe for trouble.  And trouble arrived after a Memorial Day show that aired on May 27. Here’s the clip that caused the controversy.  To me, his words sound carefully measured, and I think you get a better sense of that tone from seeing the clip rather than from reading a transcript […]


The New Anti-Corporate Populism Isn’t So New

Last night (12/15/11), MSNBC hosts Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes were impressed by a new Pew poll–flagged by Washington Post blogger Greg Sargent–showing that a vast majority of the public believes that corporations and the wealthy have too much power. The picture one gets from the poll is pretty dramatic: The question that seemed most important to Maddow and Hayes was why Republican politicians aren’t shifting their policies in response to this apparent surge in anti-corporate populism: MADDOW: The national sentiment right now being expressed to pollsters is that the people at the top are getting way too much of […]


When Meet the Press Met Martin Luther King

On his MSNBC show (10/15/11), Chris Hayes went through the NBC archives to look at Martin Luther King’s appearances on Meet the Press. He was struck by the tone of the questions King was asked–and the show put together this clip reel (apologies for the ad you’re likely to be forced to watch before the clips play; it’s mercifully brief):