Meet the Press Meets Climate Change


Think the days of climate change ‘false balance’ are over? Think again.


Renewable Energy? That’s Not News (Here)

I was intrigued to see this headline at the Guardian‘s website yesterday: Renewable Energy Can Power the World, Says Landmark IPCC Study UN’s climate change science body says renewables supply, particularly solar power, can meet global demand This was one of the points Miranda Spencer raised in an excellent piece in the last issue of FAIR’s magazine Extra!. Her point was that in the wake of the Fukushima disaster, media rarely brought up renewable energy like solar, wind or geothermal. A respected scientific body like the IPCC is weighing in now–so that’s got to be news, right? Sure doesn’t seem […]


Is Nova Catering to Its Anti-Science Sugar Daddy?

Nova: Becoming Human

PBS‘s Nova is taking money from one of the biggest bankrollers of climate change denial–and, surprise surprise, the resulting programming tells viewers not to worry about climate change. But PBS‘s ombud doesn’t see this as a conflict of interest–because Nova is a “consistently first-rate program,” and he trusts it. Nova‘s conflict of interest was highlighted out by Climate Progress blogger Joe Romm (9/7/10), who had previously caught the Smithsonian promoting strange climate science after getting a grant from oil billionaire David Koch (Climate Progress, 4/1/10). Koch, who’s a major funder of propaganda rejecting the science of climate change, is also […]


Illegally Obtained Info Is a Big Scoop–or a Non-Story

The New York Times‘ reporter on the climate beat, Andrew Revkin, had a front-page story this weekend (11/20/09) detailing the contents of climate scientists’ private emails discussing global warming. Predictably, the emails are being taken out of context by climate change deniers–but more interesting to me is the fact that the focus is on the content of the emails, not on the fact that they were illegally obtained. That’s not the way corporate media handled the illegally taped cell phone call between Newt Gingrich, John Boehner and other Republican congressmembers in which Gingrich violated the terms of a ethics sanction […]


False Balance Alive & Well in Environmental Coverage

Jonathan Hiskes of Grist–who recently exposed “The NYT‘s Favorite ‘Climate Change Denier’”–has now (5/13/09) caught Fox News giving airtime to Marc Morano’s charge of Al Gore “profiting off global warming campaign” : Say you’re a harried cable news producer with 24 gaping hours to fill with finished material every day of the week. Say you’re constantly in need of articulate guests to offer a diversity of viewpoints. How do you do it? One way is to take up offers like this one from the PR folks representing Marc Morano. Refresher: Morano was formerly an aid to climate-change-denier-in-chief James Inhofe (GOP […]


The NYT’s Favorite ‘Climate Change Denier’

An April 24 New York Times op-ed from “Skeptical Environmentalist” Bjorn Lomborg contends “that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a hopeless cause and that public money is better spent on research and development of renewable energy”–which Jonathan Hiskes of Grist calls (4/27/09) “a classic Lomborg argument–deliberately provocative and presenting several worthy goals as an either/or choice. Choose either emissions caps or R&D, he proposes. You can’t have both.” Pointing out that Lomborg “makes no mention of the tremendous potential that carbon regulation has to raise money for clean energy R&D,” Hiskes gives us some background: Lomborg made his name in […]


NYT Slams Gore for Relying on NYT

Think Progress blogger Matthew Yglesias (2/25/09) hits the Washington Post for “standing behind the claim that up is down if George Will says that is”–and then spreads some of the blame around: Meanwhile, one of the Post‘s main competitors in the world of papers with potential to attract a national audience is the New York Times. So faced with a humiliating abrogation of basic responsibilities by its competitor, does the Times take the opportunity to pour some salt in the wounds? No! Instead, out comes Andrew Revkin with a false-equivalence article painting Will with the same brush as Al Gore. […]


George Will: Bringing You Climate Disinformation Since 1992

George Will’s history of misquoting data to distort the climate change debate goes back nearly two decades–that we know of. As Extra! reported in 2003, in 1992Will trashed Al Gore (Washington Post, 9/3/92) for being “cavalier with the truth” in his “wastebasket worthy” book Earth in the Balance. More from Extra!: Will confronted Gore on the issue of global warming: “Gore knows, or should know before pontificating, that a recent Gallup Poll of scientists concerned with global climate research shows that 53 percent do not believe warming has occurred, and another 30 percent are uncertain.” It was Will, however, who […]


CNN Can’t Tell ‘Weather’ from ‘Climate’

For a change of pace from his incessant immigrant bashing, CNN‘s Lou Dobbs recently exclaimed over “unusual storms” and snow in Las Vegas, Southern California and Arizona’s mountains. This “unbelievable” evidence has Dobbs wondering: “So what are those folks talking about global warming?” Posting at Washington Monthly‘s Political Animal blog (12/19/08), Steve Benen describes how, “to ‘discuss’ the subject, Dobbs invited CNN meteorologist Chad Myers and Heartland Institute science director Jay Lehr onto the show”: Not surprisingly, Lehr told Dobbs what he wanted to hear, starting with an anecdote about Lehr’s sky diving hobby. LEHR: I have jumped out of […]