If Only Obama Had Bombed More, and Sooner


More US bombing is a message corporate media are eager to amplify.


Cokie Roberts: More People Should Fear the United States


ABC pundit Cokie Roberts thinks more countries should fear the United States.


Russia, Ukraine and ‘US Prestige’


Pundits worry about US ‘prestige’ and the weakness of Barack Obama.


New York Turns to the Left? Let’s Ask Our Center-Right Panel


If the question of whether or not there is a resurgent left, shouldn’t there be some left? ABC gave viewers the far-right Bill Kristol and the conservative Ana Navarro, a few middle-of-the-road journalists and a moderate former Democratic governor.


FAIR TV: CBS ‘Covers’ Immigration, Joe Klein’s Angry Middle, Dangerously Anti-War Public


This week on FAIR TV: CBS Evening News looked like it was covering an immigrant rights rally– but it was merely a set up to talk about chaos at the border. Time’s Joe Klein goes after the “gun lobby” by saying… both sides are at fault? And Cokie Roberts hears the public doesn’t want to start a war with Syria. Why does she think that’s “dangerous”?


Cutting Social Security and Medicare? That’s the ‘Middle’

Cokie Roberts

The new White House budget proposal is getting a lot of attention because it explicitly connects the Obama administration to an agenda that includes cutting Social Security and Medicare benefits. Some pundits see this as a way to appeal to the “middle.” But does anyone– in the middle or anywhere else–really want to cut the safety net?


Pundits: In Victory, Obama Must Accommodate His Opponents

Matt Bai (photo by Nicole Mays)

With the election over, you’re seeing familiar corporate media advice about the need for Obama to move to the right and learn to compromise with Republicans. Some of this is based on a frankly nonsensical view of the polarization that accompanied his first term. Matt Bai of the New York Times writes (11/7/12): There are, of course, plenty of explanations for why Mr. Obama’s election did not usher in a less contentious political moment. Republicans say he squandered his opportunity to remake the political climate by adopting a traditionally liberal agenda. They point to his first big initiative, the stimulus […]


Hurricanes and Climate Change? Close That Door!

In case you were wondering whether Irene sparked any discussions of climate change, here’s a moment from the panel discussion on ABC‘s This Week (8/30/11): RON BROWNSTEIN (National Journal): Do we want to get into a global warming and a hurricanes discussion? DONNA BRAZILE (Democratic Strategist): No. BROWNSTEIN: I mean, I don’t know if we want to open that door. Let that serve as a reminder to read Neil deMause’s piece from the last issue of Extra! This was a laugh line, so I guess take it for what it’s worth. On the other hand, Cokie Roberts seemed to be […]


Cokie Roberts Defines ‘Mainstream’

One of the most prevalent (and wrong-headed) interpretations of the recent elections is that both parties are dumping their respectable members in exchange for wild-eyed radicals. As Cokie Roberts explained it on ABC‘s This Week (5/23/10): COKIE ROBERTS: I’m not sure, Donna, that the voters this year care about somebody being out of the mainstream. I mean, the people they are choosing in these primaries are definitely people who are out of the mainstream, whether it’s in Utah or whether it’s in — Arkansas is still out, up for grabs, but it looks like it’s going toward the more liberal […]


The Way They See the World

The big news in the health reform debate is that the White House seems to be willing to give up on the “public option,” a government insurance program that would compete with private insurers. Everyone sees this as a big story, but there’s something revealing about the way the Washington Post‘s Ceci Conollyled her piece: Racing to regain control of the health-care debate, two top administration officials signaled Sunday that the White House may be willing to jettison a controversial government-run insurance plan favored by liberals. In Beltway mediaspeak, “regain control” must mean doing something that right-wing Democrats and Republicans […]


Cokie Roberts: Bad Beyond Sports Analogies

Slate‘s Jack Shafer (5/1/09) has had his fill of NPR senior news analyst Cokie Roberts’ “four minutes of on-air blather about politics, the economy and world events with whichever unlucky Morning Edition host has drawn the short straw” on Mondays. Shafer writes of how, “drained of controversy and conflict, the Cokie minutes provide perfect editorial balance if your idea of balance is zero”: I can think of no comparably sized media space that’s as void of original insight and information as Roberts’. Her segments, though billed as “analysis” by NPR, do little but speed-graze the headlines and add a few […]