How Much Would It Take to Endow Nonprofit Journalism?

In their analysis of what ails the journalism business (CJR.org, 10/19/09), Leonard Downie, Jr., and Michael Schudson seem to pooh-pooh the idea that newspapers could be turned into non-profits funded by endowments, “as though they were museums.” “It would take an endowment of billions of dollars to produce enough investment income to run a single sizeable newspaper,” Downie and Schudson write, “much less large numbers of papers in communities across the country.” But would it really? At another point in the article they note that the Baltimore Sun is down to 150 reporters–but it seems like you’d still have to […]


Sands of Healthcare Truth Beneath ‘Oceans of Media’

Noticing that “days ago, buried in a chart under the headline “How the Health Care Bills Compare,” the New York Times provided some cogent yet cryptic information,” Norman Solomon (Guernica, 7/23/09) has done some valuable decoding of a Senate committee bill’s “public plan that would ‘compete with private insurers,’” as “the Times chart explained on July 18″: The public plan “would provide ‘only the essential health benefits,’ as defined by the bill, ‘except in states that offer additional benefits.’” Meanwhile, the newspaper noted, “Democrats from three House committees are working on a single plan.” Under that plan, “Different levels of […]


NYT Public Editor ‘Circles the Wagons’ Against Public

Posting to the Columbia Journalism Review‘s Behind the News blog, Megan Garber (5/26/09) catches New York Times public editor Clark Hoyt espousing “a peculiar brand of institutional defensiveness” in his May 23 column: One that plays itself out via divisiveness–and via, in particular, a false dichotomy that aggrandizes Times reporters and dismisses those who are not. In particular, those nagging, nattering bloggers. (Outsiders! Pouncers! Rougher-uppers!) And he does so right in his lede: There are those “within” the Times, “trying to protect the paper’s integrity”â┚¬Ã‚¦and then there are those “outside” it, “ready to pounce on transgressions by Times journalists.” Garber […]