FAIR TV: Snowden & Hayden, Pro-Equality ‘Bias,’ Climate Coverage

CBS covers the Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal by asking Bush-era NSA chief Michael Hayden for help. And NPR wonders if media coverage of marriage equality is too tilted in favor of… equality? Plus network TV doesn’t cover Obama’s climate speech–but the fake newscast at Comedy Central does.


Rove, O’Reilly Combine Their Ignorance to Battle Jon Stewart

Last night on Fox News (12/22/10), Karl Rove and Bill O’Reilly attempted to defend GOP opposition tothe James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010, whichwould providehealth care for 9/11 Ground Zero workers. In his final broadcast of the year (12/16/10), Comedy Central‘s Jon Stewart devoted the entire show to lambasting the Republican opposition.Stewart’s attention to the issue seems to have pushed other media outlets to pay attention to this issue. (With any luck, we’ll remember this the next time there’s a “debate” aboutpeople watchinga comedy show instead of “real” news.) Rove and O’Reilly’sdefense of GOP intransigence is hardly […]