Dead Journalists and the Newseum Scandal


A memorial for journalists who died while reporting the news wouldn’t seem to be the kind of thing that would attract controversy, but that’s exactly what’s happened with an exhibit at the Newseum.


Maddow Wonders Why Libyan Journalists Aren’t Being Targeted

MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow had a discussion last week (3/31/11) about the U.S. role in the Libya War with Col. Jack Jacobs, an MSNBC military consultant. Jacobs described the U.S. military’s “ability to jam communications that take place between units or among units of Gadhafi’s army,” then referred to the U.S.’s ability to jam electronic transmissions that occur when Gadhafi’s army, ground forces try to fire at allied planes. The instant that a radar system is turned on on the ground, we can detect it and in very short order, send a precision-guided munition that follows the radar beam all the […]


U.S. Media Complicit in U.S. Intimidation of Media

Discussing (5/31/09) the “story on the two U.S. journalists detained in North Korea,” NPR Check‘s Mytwords states clearly that it “deserves coverage, as did some coverage of [Roxana] Saberi’s arrest in Iran (though not the wall to wall attention given by NPR).” But a reader‘s link to the L.A. Times‘ May 24 “article on another irregular (illegal?) detention of a journalist” sheds light on a glaring double standard: In this case the journalist was seized by U.S. forces and its allies. The reader noted the lack of NPR coverage on the abduction/detention of Ibrahim Jassam, complaining that NPR has voiced […]