‘War-Stoking Mindset Is Replicating’ in Big Media

Of deteriorating governmental control in Afghanistan, Norman Solomon (Common Dreams, 9/8/09) says that “a stale witticism calls Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai ‘the mayor of Kabul.’ Now, not even.” He points to the “corrupt, inept and–with massive election fraud–now illegitimate” administration as a “notable work product” of “those who believe in making war”: After 30 years, the results are in: a devastated city…. Meanwhile, a war-stoking mindset is replicating itself at the highest reaches of official Washington–even while polls tell us that the pro-war spin has been losing ground. For the U.S. public, dwindling support for the war in Afghanistan has […]


Big Media ‘Lenses…Ground With Ideology, Nationalism’

Noticing that “the New York Times used three square inches of newsprint on Tuesday to dispatch two U.S. Army soldiers under the headline ‘Names of the Dead,’” Norman Solomon (Common Dreams, 7/1/09) points out how apparently “there wasn’t enough room for any numbers, names or ages of Afghans who have died as a part of the Afghan war and related operations.” Having observed wartime media long enough to know that “that’s the way routine death stories go,” Solomon has also observed that “reporting on life is like that, and reporting on death is like that: even more so when the […]