Falsely Presenting Obamacare as a Job-Killer

Congressional Budget Office logo

When the Congressional Budget Office released a new report about the Affordable Care Act, some in the media botched the story by portraying the news as a triumph for Republican spin.


AP Adds $500 Billion to Healthcare Costs

Washington Monthly‘s Political Animal blogger Steve Benen (7/16/09) has observed that on July 15, “the Associated Press reported that the House Democratic healthcare plan cost ‘$1.5 trillion,’” and “by the afternoon, the AP reporting didn’t attribute the price tag to anyone; it just stated the figure as fact.” Even though “the day before the AP blasted the $1.5 trillion figure to the world, the Congressional Budget Office pointed to a roughly $1 trillion cost over 10 years,” Benen notes how “the AP not only went with the much higher figure, it made no reference to the CBO score.” Considering this, […]