The Weird World of the Washington Post, Where Reagan Never Met Gorbachev

Reagan and Gorbachev

Reading the Washington Post opinion pages can be like reading dispatches from a parallel universe. You get that sense of alternative history from Post deputy editorial editor Jackson Diehl’s latest.


Toothpaste Terrorism? Been There, Done That

ABC News report on toothpaste bombs

Far from being a “new generation,” the toothpaste tube bomb has been around for almost four decades.


U.S. Outraged Over Cuban Detention Practices

OnFebruary 5 theAssociated Press ran a story about a case in Cuba: Prosecutors are charging jailed U.S. contractor Alan Gross with “acts against the integrity and independence” of Cuba and requesting a 20-year prison term, state news media reported Friday, dimming hopes he would be allowed to go home soon. Further down, as one would expect, is a response from the United States: Gloria Berbena, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, which Washington maintains instead of an embassy, said his “imprisonment without charges for more than a year is contrary to all international human-rights obligations.” Now that […]


Michael Moore’s Not-at-All Banned Movie

One recently released WikiLeaks cable stated that Cuban officials had banned Michael Moore’s healthcare documentary Sicko. Critics of Moore’s work pounced, delighted thata film that spent timepointingoutthat Cuba’s national system has some merits would be banned in thatcountry. The problem is that… well, it wasn’t.Which is something that anyone could have known if they’d done a moment of factchecking.Like Michael Moore did (though, to be fair, he probably knew this stuff without having to check): Sounds convincing, eh?! There’s only one problem–Sicko had just been playing in Cuban theaters. Then the entire nation of Cuba was shown the film on […]