Yes, You Can Be for Press Freedom and Still Think Journalists Ought to Do Their Jobs Well

Kirsten Powers

The reality is that it is possible to both protest government intrusions on press freedom and to condemn bad journalism of the sort practiced by Jonathan Karl. It’s important for protect journalism from official control for the same reason that it’s important for media outlets to do a good job.


Al-Qaeda Pressure Cookers?


Are the pressure cooker bombs used in Boston really a link to Al Qaeda? No. But some reporters are trying to make that connection.


Noise and Nonsense on Benghazi Attack

Romney debates Obama

Over the past few weeks of the presidential campaign we’ve been hearing a lot–maybe too much–about the September 11, 2012, attack on a U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens. It’s been turned into a campaign issue by the Romney team, which has used the incident to charges that the Obama administration is unable to manage foreign affairs and so forth.  The intensity of the Republican pushback has made this into a major story. It was the lead issue in the vice presidential debate, and has been a regular subject on the Sunday […]


TV Sports’ ‘Little, Teeny-Tiny, Super Cute White Hope’

Intern Katy Kelleher at the blog (9/9/09) has made a worthy attempt at “unpacking all the different levels of sexism and racism that are operating subtly behind the scenes” in recent coverage of professional women’s tennis. On the new stardom of relatively diminutive and white Melanie Oudin, Kelleher remarks that “her accomplishments are definitely praiseworthy, but there is something off about the way she is being celebrated”: She has been called the “darling” of the U.S. Open, America’s “sweetheart,” a “pint-sized, freckled-faced blonde from Georgia,” the “tiny little savior of women’s tennis,” everything it seems, save tennis’ “Great White […]