Botching the Prisoners ‘Returning to the Battlefield’ Story


In their Bowe Bergdahl coverage, some media outlets are stoking fears about freed Guantanamo prisoners ‘returning to the battlefield.’


Quantifying ‘Muslim Rage’

Newsweek's "Muslim Rage" cover

Sometimes very little can tell you a lot. Here’s Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News, updating viewers on protests that are linked to that famous anti-Islamic video: Overseas tonight, new and deadly retribution from that amateur Internet film that’s enraged much of the Muslim world. The “Muslim world” is, well, enormous–somewhere in the neighborhood of 1.5 billion people. A good question that doesn’t get asked enough: How many Muslims are out protesting this video anyway? A helpful analysis comes from Dan Murphy at the Christian Science Monitor (“Is the Islamopocalypse Really Upon Us?,” 9/17/12). He writes: While sensational headlines have […]


Mitt Romney’s Murderous Dictator Gaffe

If you’ve paid attention to the presidential campaign season, you’ve no doubt been entertained by the string of embarrassments and gaffes: Rick Perry blows the voting age! Herman Cain can’t remember what to say about Libya! Mitt Romney talks about the upside of a murderous dictatorship! Wait–what? In the November 22 debate, Romney gave this answer to a question about what to do about Pakistan: We don’t want to just pull up stakes and get out of town after the enormous output we’ve just made for the region. Look at Indonesia in the ’60s. We helped them move toward modernity. […]