NYT Sues for Right to Publish Bad Teacher Data

The New York Times, along with a few other media outlets, went to court to win the right to publish Teacher Data Reports–the “value-added” ratings for some 18,000 New York City public schoolteachers. The Times explains today–accurately–that the numbers are seriously flawed: Even before their release, the ratings have been assailed by independent experts, school administrators and teachers who say there are large margins of error–because they are based on small amounts of data, the test scores themselves were determined by the state to have been inflated, and there were factual errors or omissions, among other problems. So why publish […]


Knocking Down Big Media’s Hugo Chavez ‘Caricature’

NACLA has Latin America writer Daniel Denvir’s review (5/11/09) of a new Bart Jones biography of Hugo Chavez. In it, Denvir’s reasons for having “never been a big reader of biographies”–“the product of our most unfortunate and idol-indulging tendencies”–give way to the fact that some leaders’ “images become proxies for larger ideological, social and cultural debates–often to the point of caricature.” Denvir’s contention that “a good biography can take on this echo chamber residuum and tell a more reality-based story” becomes that much more urgent when, “in the case of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, this is a politically necessary task”: […]