David Gregory’s House of Pain

At a time when millions of Americans are are experiencing massive unemployment, a painfully slow economic recovery, wage stagnation and the after-effects of the bursting of a multi-trillion dollar housing bubble, isn’t it time someone demanded that they suffer a little bit? Of course not, you might say. But that’s why you don’t work in the media big leagues. Here’s NBC Meet the Press host David Gregory yesterday (1/29/12), speaking to Obama adviser David Axlerod: But if you look at how dire the fiscal situation is in the country, we just came off a debt debacle this past summer. Alan […]


Hey, NYT: What Exactly Is ‘Centrism’?

Reporting on the proposal from debt commission chairs Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles, a New York Times article (11/11/10) by Jackie Calmes framed the discussion this way: Mr. Obama created the commission last February in the hope it would provide political cover for bold action against deficits in 2011. His stance now, in the wake of his party’s drubbing, will go a long way toward telling whether he tacks to the political center–by embracing such proposals–or shifts to the left and leaves them on a shelf. The duo’s proposal is a remarkably regressive plan to cut Social Security benefits and […]