David Broder Goes to the Mat for Bipartisanship

With left-of-center columnists critiquing the Beltway obsession with bipartisanship even in outlets like the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post, it’s no wonder that David Broder is upset (Washington Post, 2/19/09). He calls the idea that Obama should stop worrying so much about attracting Republican support “the worst advice he has received,” warning that without reaching out to Republicans, Obama won’t be able to “offset protectionist impulses among Democrats,” and “Democrats will never tackle Social Security.” Horrors! To be fair, Broder does suggest that Obama can only achieve some other more progressive goals via bipartisanship, but his argument on these […]


The Company You Keep

Washington Post columnist David Broder took up the issue of healthcare policy in his column yesterday (“Health Reform’s Moment,” 12/14/08). One of FAIR’s chief criticisms of media over the past two decades has been the narrow range of sources the media rely on to shape the debate over a given issue. Healthcare is no different, so it was instructive to read the top of Broder’s column, where you see who he considers important: On the same morning that President-elect Barack Obama introduced Tom Daschle, the former Senate majority leader, as his prospective secretary of health and human services and his […]


David Broder Learns More Campaign Lessons

After the Washington Post‘s David Broder weighed in with his thoughts on what he “learned” about John McCain in the course of the campaign–among other things, that it was a “falsehood” to suggest McCain was similar to George W. Bush–it was time for Post readers to find out what the Dean of the Washington Press Corps had learned about Barack Obama. Broder commends Obama’s impressive campaign skills, calls him “Carteresque”–as in Jimmy–and then renders this bizarre judgment: In what history may record as his singular achievement–dealing with the classic American dilemma of race–he had the largely unappreciated help of his […]