Is There Really a ‘Scandal Trifecta’?

Benghazi, the Justice Department seizing AP phone records, and the IRS targeting Tea Party groups: Much of the Beltway press corps–which has pushed the Benghazi story for months–is seeing the Obama presidency in a state of near free-fall. But what’s actually happening?


Fox Media Show Skips Murdoch Scandal

Fox News Channel airs a weekly media criticism show called Fox News Watch. Disgraced New York Times reporter Judith Miller is one of the panelists because…well, it’s Fox. TVNewser noticed that the show posts a web video of the chatter among the panelists during commercial breaks. On this weekend’s show, they started talking about how they weren’t gonna talk about Murdoch’s current scandal. You can watch the video here. The conversation consisted mainly of right-wing panelist Cal Thomas saying, “Anyone want to bring up the subject we’re not talking about, for the streamers?” That elicited some chuckles, and Thomas said: […]