Amazon, WikiLeaks, the Washington Post and the CIA


What does Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos have in store for the Washington Post? No one can say for sure, but we can say that when Amazon didn’t like what WikiLeaks was publishing it shut down access to the site.


NPR: And Now, for Balance, Bigots and Big Coal

Marriage equality opponent with sign: "Homosexuals Are Possessed by Demons" (cc photo: Tricky Toro)

When the law finally starts to catch up with the promise of equality for all, does one stop to wonder if anti-equality bigots feel left out? That’s the question that NPR’s All Things Considered tried to answer.


You Can’t Take Politics Out of the Public Broadcasting Debate

In the When Will They Learn? department, incoming National Public Radio president Gary Knell seems to suffer from the same misunderstanding that has plagued public broadcasting executives for years. NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik reports that Knell says he hopes to “calm the waters a bit” at NPR after recent political controversies, and to “depoliticize” debate over the future of public radio. Knell is quoted saying, “It’s not about liberal or conservative; it’s about fairness…. We’ve got to make the case we’re delivering a fair service.” Sigh. It’s as if he doesn’t see the road behind him strewn with efforts […]


O’Keefe’s Bogus NPR Sting Lives On

Jesse Jackson had some tough criticism for the Tea Party movement at a Martin Luther King event on Thursday. USA Today‘s Melanie Eversley covered his remarks, getting a Tea Party activist to respond to his criticism. The piece then added this, presumably in order to add some context: The group has faced criticism of being a racist group, a claim made most visibly by former National Public Radio fundraiser Ron Schiller, who was caught on hidden camera calling the group racist and xenophobic, prompting his immediate resignation. In other words, lots of people seem to hurl accusations of racism at […]