Fox Regular Calls for Assassinating Obama

Michael Scheuer

Unfortunately, advocating and fantasizing about the murder of perceived enemies of the Fox worldview is a line that has been crossed all too commonly in Murdoch-owned media outlets.


CNN Exposes ‘Villain’ Chavez’s Dastardly Plot to House the Poor

Venezuelan GDP per capita (PPP) (US$)

Corporate media’s depiction of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is often cartoonish, but the lead from David Frum’s piece from CNN.com (10/9/12) takes the cake: Venezuela’s authoritarian president Hugo Chavez is a villain out of a Batman movie: buffoonish and sinister in equal measure. You want to be careful about throwing around words like “buffoonish,” though, when you’re making arguments like “Hugo Chavez has laid Venezuela’s economy to waste.” Here’s a chart of Venezuela’s per capita GDP since 1999, when Chavez was first elected; since 2003, when Chavez took control of the national oil company from its self-enriching management, the purchasing […]


Newsweek and That Neverending Liberal Media Bias

You may have heard last week that right-wing media critics were howling about this: “Those liberals are calling us dumb!” seemed to be the feeling on the right–a strange reaction to a piece written by conservative Andrew Sullivan. Newsweek is back on the case this week: The response to conservative Sullivan comes from…. conservative writer David Frum. When will the liberal media give conservatives a fair shake, I ask you?


A Fox News Blacklist?

Conservative David Frum writes in the new issue of New York: Back in 2009, I wrote a piece for Newsweek arguing that Republicans would regret conceding so much power to Rush Limbaugh. Until that point, I’d been a frequent guest on Fox News, but thenceforward some kind of fatwa was laid down upon me. Over the next few months, I’d occasionally receive morning calls from young TV bookers asking if I was available to appear that day. For sport, I’d always answer, “I’m available–but does your senior producer know you’ve called me?” An hour later, I’d receive an embarrassed second […]


Conservative Pundit Thinks Listeners Deserve Someone More Conservative

Conservative writer/commentator David Frum–the man responsible for writing the Bush “axis of evil” speech–has been doing left/right debates for the public radio show Marketplace. Until now, that is. This week (Marketplace, 10/12/11), Frum came to the conclusion that while he’s still conservative, he doesn’t do a good job representing the right-wing position in that kind of discussion anymore: Well, we’ve been doing a point/counterpoint here between me and Bob Reich for a couple of years. And it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve certainly learned a lot from it. But I think that there’s a kind of expectation that when […]